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Prepare a Bag of Smiles for Valentine's... 






Here is a love song I wrote in 2006. It was released in 2017. 

This song is quite fitting to celebrate Valentine's day and I will have a couple friends of mine collaborating on new versions, hopefully by Valentine’s Day but here’s the fun part for you! 

Let’s call this the #valentinesdaykaraokechallenge  :-)  

I'm inviting you to do a recording, singing your favourite part of this song. Doing it your own way. Have fun. Sing to yourself, your spouse or a friend, before or on Valentine’s Day.  

Take a photo or short video enjoying the moment. Write the name of the song "You Got Me Going On" and hashtag #valentinesdaykaraokechallenge.  

Tag and invite friends, tag me on Facebook or Instagram as well and let's put some smiles on people's faces this season. 

Listen and enjoy the original version of the song below.