AJANI & DARIO ft. MAS1A & Jubba White
Featured dancers - Casey Frey & India Frey
Arranged & Produced by - Jubba [White Stone Productions]
All instruments by Jubba White
Mixed by - Daniel Singer
Video filmed by - Daniel Singer, Kevin Dunn and Max Frey
Video Directed & Edited by - Daniel Singer

Jubba -
When my older boy was 6 years old, he started writing a song. I loved his chorus, so I promised I would record him before his voice started changing.
Towards the end of 2016, I realized I was running out of time because his voice was on the cusp of change, so I went into my little home studio and started composing the music around his melody, which I later had MAS1A featured by writing her verses.
Both boys are singing together on this track.