JUBBA WHITE, White Stone Productions 

“Music is a universal language, and Reggae, as a genre represents so much of what we are facing globally.” Jubba White/White Stone Productions 

Many artists grow their talent as young adults. Jubba White entered the world banging on kitchen pots and exercising his dynamic lungs at three years old. Born in the rural area of May Pen, Clarendon (Jamaica), Jubba learned to sing and play drums in church, where his mother was a foundation member and sang in the choir. 

During high school, Jubba and his childhood friend, Rohan “Maka Lox” Gordon (guitar), joined forces with Phillip ‘Winta’ James (keys) and Veron “Koxx” Dinnall (bassie) to form a powerhouse quartet. These four talented young men quickly made impact on the local scene. Jubba was first to enroll in the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (Kingston), and began studies in Caribbean, Latin American, and Jazz music. Soon the entire band enrolled. In 1997, the band was approached to take further their career under the name Ruption Kru. This opportunity resulted in numerous tours across Europe, supporting reggae icons such as the Mighty Diamonds, The Heptones, Big Youth, and more. That same year, they performed on their first professional studio album by The Ethiopians (Tuff Gong Studios), entitled ‘Tougher than Stone.’ More tours were added. 

In 1998, Jubba and some bandmates became the personal support band for Bushman, and in 1999, for Junior Kelly. Both were premier rising stars at the time. Jubba and band played an instrumental role in some of their recordings, and live shows for both artists. References may be found in the notes of albums such as Signs (Bushman); Smile & Tough Life (Junior Kelly). 

The band then decided to explore living in other parts of the world (Europe) and became backing musicians for double platinum-selling, French Reggae artist, Pierpoljak. Jubba   co-created and co-produced two of Pierpoljak albums. That’s when the musical partnership between Jubba and Stone found it’s roots. 

Returning to Jamaica, Jubba and band members found themselves once again at Tuff Gong Studios. During the years of 2001-2007, they recorded with various artists and worked with top-notch producers such as Clive Hunt. The ‘I Swear Riddim’ released by 5th Element Records, and the Overstand Riddim by Pow Pow records stand out. Jubba proudly mentions his performance in 2003 on several tracks on Burning Spear’s Grammy nominated album, Freeman. 

Between 2002 - 2003, Jubba, Stone and Winta James embarked on a new journey. While recording and touring, they began producing their own materials. This became the foundation of Dubtonic Kru. They recorded dub instrumentals with spoken words leading to the release of singles ‘Trap’ ‘Ocean Blue’ and ‘Back to Africa in 2006. The full-length album entitled Jungle Fever was released in 2008. 

During, 2007, Jubba released his first riddim production, Tantrum Riddim featuring the works of other talented artists; a mission Jubba keeps close to his heart. One of the artists, Kamau, later became one of two lead singers of Dubtonic Kru. The year 2007, marks the first time the name Dubtonic Kru was announced on an international stage. Jubba, Stone, and Winta opened and supported reggae artists U-Roy and Junior Murvin on a European tour. By the time the debut Dub album was completed (featuring Jubba & Stone) new members were included on three of the album’s tracks prior to release. The full outfit was now  Stone, Kamau, Luke, Jallanzo, and Jubba. 

In 2008, Dubtonic Kru hit the road as a five member band. Rototom Sunsplash main stage (Italy) was the highlight of that tour, with great response to the new revolutionary single, on the Tantrum Riddim, “Hold on Still” produced by Jubba. 

Without any doubt, Dubtonic Kru’s hard work and touring worldwide,  contributed to the development of modern roots reggae while focusing on their unique blending of genres, dub, jazz, and reggae. They received awards and accolades ,and in 2010, the album ‘‘Dub Tonic’ was released. 

Jubba’s vision to highlight talented artists with ‘Dubtonic Kru’ continued to unfold. Returning to Jamaica after the 2008 tour, Jubba was inspired to initiate a new public platform, “Bands Incorporated.” The goal was to fill the absence of self-contained bands that dwindled over the years. The first event sponsored by Di Kru productions was the “Born Jamaican Showcase” attracting famed artists such as Max Romeo, Nambo Robinson, Tony Greene, Bryan Art, and Dubtonic Kru. At that time, there weren’t enough bands to expand a revival of ‘band culture.’ Rootz Underground partnered the second year forwarding a new upsurge of Jamaican Bands. Professional young musicians from Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts began to emerge. After the third staging of the event, the Jamaican Observer stated: “There are three events that are promising for the future of Jamaican Music; Rebel Salute, Bands Incorporated, and Jamnesia.” 

Another event, Plug N’ Play evolved, as solo artists began requesting their own showcase. Kenya Don, of Steppin Razor Productions, partnered with Jubba and arranged the use of the Jonkanoo Lounge for a weekly event. The vision was to match veteran artists with young upcoming talent performing with live bands. The line-up included Damian Marley, Toots and the Maytals, Max Romeo, Chronixx, Protoje, Dub Incorporated, Polish reggae pop star Kamil Bednarek and more. Special events grew the showcases through record launches, birthday parties, award celebrations, and more. It was the place to be and the place to play! 

In 2012, Jubba moved to Portland, Oregon, and formed White Stone Productions. Stone soon left the business to follow other pursuits. Jubba’s motivation was to produce handcrafted reggae music with international appeal incorporating conscious, uplifting messages. By locating to the U.S., Jubba could petition work visas on behalf of Dubtonic Kru band members still in Jamaica. Dubtonic Kru remains a priority while Jubba continues producing enticing music projects highlighting other skilled artists. “In Our America” by Aaron Nigel Smith is one example. The album entered the Billboard Chart at #1 in March, 2019. To date, Jubba has produced three major projects promoting a blend of talented voices including Tantrum Riddim, No Disturbance Riddim, and Sweet Reggae Music riddim along with many singles and projects too numerous to mention. 

Jubba’s latest project entitled *‘Freedom’ *(The Declaration of Rights) is due to be released in June 2020. The first single and video by Frassman Brilliant, “Concrete Jungle” will be released on April 24. The new project reflects the inherent vision of White Stone Productions, highlighting a diversity of voices,  a blend of duets and two solo vocal tracks. The eight-track EP will incorporate the beautiful voices of the Mighty Diamonds,  Aaron Nigel Smith, Honey B, I-Taweh, Kristine Alicia, Jahricio, Jah Guidance, Katteye, Covi, Kava Jah and Jubba. Jubba White is always working, always supporting and always innovative while remaining true to the work of Dubtonic Kru. 

"CONCRETE JUNGLE" Frassman Brilliant feat. Jubba 

“I love working with unique sounds and blending voices. My friends and colleagues are from across the globe and music is my favorite way to bring them together.” 

Article by Sista Irie, Majesty Media. Give thanks to Jubba White for his assistance.